Water Gun


Original tutorial image
Screenshot 2017-05-26 19.09.34.png
Progress screen shot.
Water gun-01.png
Finished water gun.

The tutorial has been linked to the first picture. Just click on it to go there. I ended up not adding any texture to my water gun because Adobe Illustrator crashed around 10 times if not more (I kind of actually lost count) as I was doing this….and I kept having to start over because you’d THINK that after the 5th time, I’d remember to press save…EXCEPT THAT I FREAKING DIDN’T UGH. This water gun seriously tried my life. Also the tutorial was really annoying to follow because all the steps were closeups of the parts that he was working on so I had no context whatsoever when it came to scale. The amount of times that I had to resize everything was ridiculous. I did learn some very long [complicated] techniques though that will be useful later on down the line. I’ve never been so frustrated by a tutorial though.