Oh gosh where do I even start…

Oh wait, name. That’s where most people would start right? Right.

My name is An Vuong (pronounced Ann Vong). Yep. There’s only one “n” in my name. It’s not “Ann” or “Anne”. Just “An”–it’s my Vietnamese name if that gives any context. I moved to the States when I was 3 and a half. I wasn’t allowed to change my name because I was under 18, but I would say I’m definitely one of the lucky ones. My name comes out to something relatively easy to pronounce and normal-ish. I have a friend who wasn’t quite as fortunate and his name is literally Thang Dang. In case you’re wondering, yes I laugh just a little bit every time I say his name.

Currently, I’m going into my second year of college and majoring in Graphic Design (although that might change if I don’t get my portfolio approved *cries*). I’m terrified because I feel like I make uncreative art. I don’t necessarily have a style–I just kind of reference (big emphasis on reference because plagiarism is a no-no) points from multiple other artworks that I like, mash them together, and voila there’s my art. According to my professor from WARP I’m “more on the conceptual side of things”. So in other words, I transform the materials to fit the means.

I don’t necessarily have a favorite medium. To be honest, I’m a jack of all trades and master of none. I’ve literally done everything. In high school, things settled down a bit. I did ceramics for about 2 years. Then I discovered the majestic art form that was theatre and I haven’t looked back since…

Except for now.

Because I’m obviously not majoring in theatre. Yikes.

I’m quite out of practice when it comes to anything that isn’t performance art related as a result. And I could never draw to begin with (my hand chickens are a solid 12/10 though). I prefer to make physical, tangible, 3D objects. I also know for a fact that I’m drawn to highly detailed pieces of art–which is why I happen to really love embroidery.

My biggest problem is my lack of knowledge on composition. That’s what I hope to learn in Digital Imaging. It takes me 20 million years to come up with a good idea that I like. I also absolutely SUCK when it comes to picking a color palette that is both aesthetically pleasing and eye catching.  I guess that’s what drew me to graphic design. I’m fascinated that graphic designers can convey so much through so little (ex: a poster or company logo).


So yeah. That’s really all there is to me. Other than thinking about color palettes, I really like eating, sleeping, having a decent Instagram feed, and Kdrama. Thanks for reading. Deuces.